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What is a bridge?

A bridge is a restoration a dentist uses to fill (or "bridge") a gap left by a missing tooth or teeth.

Shown left is a clinical photo showing a bridge replacing the upper front teeth

Choosing Bridgework

While there are a vast array of different bridgework systems available, we give our patients a basic guideline, offering you choices for provision of a bridge based on our normal four 'standards' for laboratory-based work: Premier, Private, Independent and Standard.


Includes the premium systems: Duceragold®, Vita InCeram®
inclusive of computerised shade matching to ensure that the shade of the new bridge exactly matches your existing teeth


Include porcelain margins to abutment teeth, customised shade matching with accurately reproduced idiosyncrasies in appearance, reproducing the wide range of shade translucencies and vitality of natural teeth


A cost effective, aesthetic solution to provision of bridgework, maybe not especially suited to bridges at the front of the mouth in patients with a specific aesthetic requirement as aesthetics are not as configurable as Private and Premier restorations.


A basic porcelain bonded bridge with metal margins to abutment teeth and limited aesthetics. Used for provision of N.H.S. bridges. A crown (sometimes also known as a "cap") is a shell that your dentist makes to fit right over the top of a tooth, strengthening it.

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