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FAQs : White Fillings

Why should I consider composite fillings?

Many people prefer to have tooth coloured fillings for cosmetic reasons: in other words, because they donít want amalgam fillings that other people can see when they laugh or smile. Composite fillings look natural and are not visible in your mouth.

Composite dental fillings are often called "white fillings" but dentists actually use a range of different shades. Your dentist will chose the right one to exactly match the natural colour of your teeth. 

How long do white fillings last?

Composite fillings should last for many years. However, the life expectancy of any filling isn't entirely up to your dentist - it is greatly influenced by factors under your own control, such as your diet and how well you look after your teeth. At Elwy Dental Practice we use a composite filling material that we believe gives cosmetically pleasing and long lasting results. We are so confident of the quality of this material that we guarantee our private composite fillings for 2 years in normal use.

What do white fillings cost?

The cost of each private composite filling varies depending on how large it is. Where private composite fillings are proposed, your dentist will explain which teeth need fillings and what the cost will be. Guidelines to costs are listed in our Independent Fee Schedule. Please click here if you wish to view this.

Does the mercury in amalgam fillings pose a health risk?

Amalgam fillings have been in use for over 100 years. There has been extensive research on their safety. The Department of Health, the British Dental Association and the World Health Organisation agree that none of the studies show that dental amalgam has an adverse affect on general health.

To read an extensive paper on the possible health effects of amalgam please click on the link below.

This document It is provided for downloading here in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format. This format allows more complete display and indexing than a normal text document, but requires the Adobe Reader software to be installed on your computer.

Can I replace my existing amalgam fillings with white fillings?

Yes, though we generally recommend that existing fillings (of any kind) be replaced only when this is clinically necessary: for example, where decay occurs beneath or around an existing filling or a filling breaks. Please discuss this with your dentist.

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