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Hawkes, Hawkes, LLoyd and McCoubrey 
7 Elwy Street, Rhyl and 1 Chapel Street, Abergele  


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Independent Treatment
All of your dental needs can be provided on a independent basis. This can allow us to use more complex and aesthetic materials and techniques that are outside the remit of treatments available from the National Health Service, for example, provision of white crowns and fillings in molar (back) teeth

Use of the most modern dental materials and techniques allow us to give you the best that dentistry can offer, with more advanced or cosmetic work only being available as independent treatment.

For an example of our Independent Treatment Fee Schedule, please click here.

We also
offer the Denplan Care Plan. For a monthly sum or a one off yearly payment all your necessary routine dental treatment is included for no extra cost. The only exception is if laboratory work is involved, such as crowns. In these cases the only additional charge is the laboratory fee.

Certain conditions will apply before joining this scheme. Please contact the practice for information or click on the Denplan logo.

For more information on fees levied to patients under this care plan, please click here.

N.H.S. Treatment
Treatment provided under the National Health Service is available to all patients registered with the practice, including those who qualify for free treatment.

Dentistry provided under the N.H.S. is designed to maintain basic oral and dental health.

Children under 18, adults under 19 and in full-time education, and patients who claim one of the following benefits qualify for free treatment under the N.H.S.:

  • Income Support
  • N.H.S. Tax Credit 
  • Pension Credit 
  • Job Seekers Allowance 
  • Exemptions via forms HC1/2/3 

There are certain limits to the scope of available N.H.S. treatment, due to funding constraints and stipulations from the N.H.S. as to which treatments should be made available.

For instance: tooth-coloured (white) fillings are not available in the occlusal (biting) surfaces of premolar and molar teeth, and only metal crowns can be provided on molar teeth.

Another example: N.H.S. dentures, much like N.H.S. spectacles are perfectly functional, but may do little to improve your appearance.

While many people will be very happy with the provision of treatment under the auspices of the N.H.S., they should be aware of the limitations that the N.H.S. places on certain aspects of dentistry. While N.H.S. treatment aims to provide patients with healthy, disease-free teeth and gums, it does not always consider how a patient might want their teeth to look. 

When you are registered with an NHS Dentist you are entitled to:

  • A written estimate and treatment plan that details NHS treatment and any independent treatment you have agreed.
  • All treatment necessary to secure and maintain oral health.
  • Free repair or replacement of certain treatments that fail within a year.
  • Advice and, where necessary, treatment in an emergency.
  • A national set of charges for your treatment.
  • A maximum charge per course of treatment.
  • Access to a formal complaints procedure.
  • Independent treatment that is alternative to, or in addition to, NHS treatment.



You can use our online form to submit a request to be registered as a patient, or just request us to contact you.

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