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Hawkes, Hawkes, LLoyd and McCoubrey 
7 Elwy Street, Rhyl and 1 Chapel Street, Abergele  


Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions of Registration and Treatment at Elwy Dental Practice:

This document sets out the terms and conditions under which you receive dental care and treatment from your dentist at Elwy Dental Practice.
  1. Before you can have any treatment (including hygienist visits) you must be examined by a dentist who will give you a treatment plan and estimate. We will take your wishes and considerations into account in drawing up your treatment plan. Treatment must be completed within a reasonable period of time (usually three months). Some treatments may depend on others being completed successfully.
  2. Your estimate includes all dental, technical, administrative, laboratory and materials charges. Dentistry is VAT exempt. In most cases advice, emergency, preparatory and/or temporary treatment is included within your estimate.
  3. The estimate is valid providing that treatment commences within one month of the date it is issued if there are changes in your treatment plan a new estimate will be provided.
  4. You may refuse to have any treatment at any time but this may affect the rest of your treatment and partially completed laboratory work will have to be paid for. Please let us know as soon as possible if you do not wish to continue with any aspect of your treatment plan.
  5. You should think carefully before committing yourself to optional treatments that are not reversible.
  6. We take time and great care over your treatment and use a quality of materials and laboratory commensurate with the standard of work that is desired. Sometimes things do not go according to plan in which case we will discuss this with you and arrive at an alternate treatment plan.
  7. Root treatments, extractions and other complex or surgical procedures can cause discomfort for several days. Alterations or new dentures, crowns or bridges will take time to get use to.
  8. Dental restorations do not last forever. The longevity of your treatment is dependent on the conditions of use and the home care regimen that is followed, thus we do not give a guarantee. We will however replace any dental restorations that we agree have failed within a reasonable time without charge.
  9. If you are an N.H.S. patient you can opt to have any or all of your dental treatment privately, we will provide you with all the options including the private alternatives (e.g. white fillings) and specialist referrals (e.g. implants).
  10. Tooth coloured treatments will be a reasonable colour match to your existing teeth but we do not guarantee an identical match. The best way to avoid colour variation between several teeth is to have them all treated at the same time.
  11. We will try to run on time and make your treatment as quick and as easy as possible. We expect you to arrive punctually. If you arrive late we may end your appointment on time and your treatment may be compromised so that later patients are not inconvenienced. If you think you may be late please ring for advice. If you arrive late we may decline to see you.
  12. The charge we make for missed appointments, arriving too late to be seen or cancelling at short notice, is charged at our current hourly rate.
  13. We expect you to pay for your treatment at the end of each visit. If you are in arrears we will not continue with your treatment and we may ask for payment in advance
  14. We expect you to keep us up to date on matters like any medication you are taking and to attend for check-ups at intervals recommended by your dentist, to take care of your mouth and to follow as far as possible any advice you are given.
  15. Your acceptance of treatment indicates your acceptance of these terms.